The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) -South Africa Program recently contracted GRM International Management Services (GRM) as a Local Executing Agency (LEA) to establish and manage the CIDA Program Support Unit (PSU) in Pretoria for a period of 5 years.

The PSU is a bilateral project of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).


Project Context 

The specific purpose of the PSU is to provide timely and cost-effective professional/technical, administrative and logistical support in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the South Africa-Canada Development Cooperation Program. The goal of the PSU is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Program.

The PSU is expected to achieve the following project results:

An enhanced field capacity to support the CIDA-South Africa development cooperation Program in terms of gender-sensitive data gathering; Project planning and monitoring; Logistics; Administration;  Financial management; Professional services; and,
An enhanced gender-sensitive support and advice to: The CIDA Aid Section in Pretoria;  Missions from CIDA’s Africa Branch;  Missions from other CIDA branches and Canadian and local executing agencies, officials and staff dealing with Canadian development cooperation programs and projects.


Core Activities of the PSU 

Core activities for the PSU will mainly relate to provision of Professional and Technical Services and Administrative and Logistical Services to the South Africa Program viz.

Professional and Technical Support 

This focuses on providing ongoing technical assistance, advice and recommendations on program implementation on gender, HIV and AIDS and Results Based Management (RBM), reviewing partner reports, monitor and evaluate projects within CIDA South Africa’s development program. Facilitate and /or undertake research and analyses, undertake capacity building on gender, RBM and HIV and AIDS, participate in committees and other key forums on a needs basis and network with other partners. Report and share with the CIDA team key issues on gender, HIV and AIDS and RBM.

These will be categorized under the following five headings:

Research, information and analysis
Representation on committees
Program Development
Program monitoring and evaluation
Cross cutting issues
Knowledge management

Professional/Technical services will largely be provided by the PSU Director, PSU Sector Specialists, and by short-term consultants to be contracted by the PSU with the approval of CIDA.

Administrative and Logistical Services 

The PSU provides the following administrative and logistical services in support of CIDA:

Organizing missions and meeting
Transport services
Secretarial services
Management and maintenance of office space and communication facilities
The procurement of goods and services
Contract administration and reporting


Beneficiaries of PSU Activities 

Core Activities

These include all activities performed in support of the CIDA South Africa Development Cooperation Program. Clients in these instances may include CIDA South Africa bilateral program staff and CIDA officers based in the CHC, CIDA Headquarters, Canadian Partnership Branch, Multilateral Branch, Policy Branch, Performance Review Branch, Evaluators and Auditors and Service Branches. Other activities may, with the approval of the HoA, be classified as core activities for the PSU.

Non-Core Activities

Non-core activities are activities which are not identified in the PSU Annual Work Plan and are not funded under the PSU budget. Subject to the approval of the HoA, if PSU resources are available and they do not detract from the effective implementation of core services, the PSU may perform non-core activities.